TED Favourites

ted3I love TED for many reasons. I’ll name just a couple here:

First, it’s an endless source of awesome information, research and discoveries.

Second, it is a wonderful and very effective learning tool.

So, if you want to practice your skills, expand your vocabulary, increase your cultural awareness and just find out what cool things people are doing, making and creating around the world, you should add TED to your resources list (if you haven’t already). If you are preparing for IELTS or TOEFL, you will definitely benefit. And, if you are curious like me, you will enjoy it even more. 

The cool thing about TED videos (from the learning perspective) is that it provides you with everything you need “in a package deal”. There are people from all around the globe, so you can choose various voices and accents, native speakers and non-native speakers. It has a wide range of topics, so you can find something that interests you personally and that will make your practice even more effective and enjoyable. The videos vary in length, from 3 to 19 minutes, and that makes it easier to include them into your schedule. And it also has two very useful features – there are subtitles you can switch on and off and there is also a transcript on the page that follows the speech and underlines the words as they are being said. And you can also download the videos and watch them offline, at your convenience.

I am going to post some of my personal favorites under the obvious label “TED favorites” here, on the blog and you are welcome to use those as guidance, but I strongly encourage you to explore this great resource and create your own list. Share it with me, maybe?

Ken Robinson is one of my favorites. I’ve actually watched his videos more than once. Or even twice. His ideas resonate with mine, I love his sense of humor and you can learn a lot about education in other countries from his speeches. So, there you go, enjoy!

Sir Ken Robinson on TED